Maybe Less Jetpack

I don’t know about everyone else but I think the jetpack is used way too much, to me it really takes the purpose of socializing with other players away when many people are flying around, I’d enjoy the plaza way more if I could normally walk down to a shop and talk to people like in many other games similar to this.

Here are some suggestions I have:
-Put a cooldown on the jetpack
-Make it slower vertically/horizontally
-An ability to disable jetpacks (or other items) when someone enters your condo
-Have the jetpack just increase jumping height instead of make you fly



It doesn’t really inhibit socializing because people can still just walk if they’d like. Trying to fix a bigger problem by disabling or restricting features that aren’t broken is something far too many games do, let’s not bring that ideal into TU.


I’ve definitely made a post about this, if running shoes weren’t a donor object, I suggested different tiers of mobility. I do feel they need to make maybe different levels of jet packs to buy or something.

Well they’ve already said they’d make stuff that’ll make you faster (just not as fast as speed shoes)

Well, the thing is. We’ve had the jetpack for a shit long time now, nerfing it now would bring a bit (a lot) of rage from the community. I do agree that the admin of a condo should be able to choose whether or not his/her guests will be able to use their jetpacks (and potions too, that’d be good) though, that I like.

This is something I’d also have to say NO to. But I would like spring shoes that would increase jump height. (with the abilty to choose how high or low it’ll make you jump, like a: OFF/Low/Med/High sorta thing) It’d basically be the exact same thing you describe, we’d just still have jetpacks in the game.


Think we actually had some sort of low gravity item which was for the donors only, it was really bad.
Besides you could always press and hold the jump button in for a few seconds to do a higher jump with the jetpack.

As for the cooldown on the jetpack, we had that back in the first two towers for non donors and it was really useless.
All you needed to do was land on the ground, didn’t care where it was you just had to land, and your jetpack would basically fill up the entire charge again inside like 2-3 seconds, the fly speed of the new jetpack is even slower than the old one too, much much slower.

I will give you that the ability for an admin to turn off the jetpack in their condo could work really well, especially if they could set it to not work in certain areas so people could build obstacle courses where they don’t want people to cheat with a jetpack.

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In GMT the non-donor jetpack could only boost you for a limited amount of time, but the donor jetpack had infinite duration; however, since there’s no donation system in TU (everyone has to pay to play the game), there’s not really any reason why anyone would buy the limited jetpack if everyone can just use the infinite jetpack.