Maybe Hot Take? I don't think we should have so many events

A lot of people might disagree with this, but does anyone else dislike just how many events happen now? Looking at the calendar for June, there is not a single day where there is not some kind of 1.5x Exp or 2x Exp event going on.

I feel like this constant bombardment with random special stuff kind of makes them seem less special? There’s always a huge colorful moving Icon on my pause/main menu screen and different main menu music every few days. Combine it with how anniversary has overstayed its welcome by a whole MONTH, and it just feels exhausting! Like a party that never ends! I feel like I’m trapped in Vegas.

Honestly, I don’t think the issue is necessarily the bonuses themselves. It’s more so how they are treated like big colorful events that are constantly in your face. Even as someone who has thousands of hours, it feels overwhelming. I can’t imagine how it is for a newer player who barely has a clue of what’s going on.

Also, unrelated but I might as well mention this here too: Why don’t we have this kind of attention with the condo/art contests? When I was getting people to vote for my condo in the condo contest back in April, a lot of people didn’t even know there was an condo contest. You ever wonder why people don’t get tons of votes, and that it becomes a “popularity contest”? It’s because the general tower populace doesn’t know they’re going on! All they get is a little icon on the calendar telling when contests and voting starts/ends.

I want to hear other people’s thoughts on this, do all of you like the constant bombardment of not-so-special special events, or do you think they should be less frequent, or at least “subdued”?


Anything that makes the grind less tedious for literally anything in this game is a-okay in my book.

I do agree that it needs to feel subdued; save the menu changes for Game Worlds and maybe arcade/casino. Anything else is unnecessary, although only having a smaller logo for the smaller events on the menu would work. God, I miss the usual menu music.

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To me that seems like more of a problem of games not giving enough units/XP, some gamemodes give absolute pennies for so much effort. It’s like how you can get the top weekly score for some arcade games and only get like 500 tickets, while you can consistently grind something like Offering and get thousands of tickets a minute.

If there was just better balancing for certain games, you wouldn’t need such a push for these special events.

I think “daily and weekly challenges” are a much better way of encouraging players to play less popular modes than just having constant, in-your-face “special events!!!”


I suppose I’m so used to Tower Unite having pretty bad balancing when it comes to payouts that it never even came to mind, although I tend to get numb with a lot of common bad game design decisions like this.

As for the daily/weekly challenges, I’m not certain about if they’d be a good idea or not for Tower. Call me pretentious, but I feel like it’d make some of Tower’s replayablity feel artificial, as in it starts to delve less into the natural addiction of “I need to play Virus more” and rather “I need to log into Tower to see if I have to play Virus more” or something. Again, this is pretty pretentious, but it’s how I feel.

Yeah, I partly agree. I worry it could cause burnout if poorly executed. Maybe as long as the challenges aren’t too tedious, and as long as the game doesn’t try to pressure you to keep playing with something like “finish all daily and weekly challenges for a month straight and get a bonus!” I think its effects shouldn’t be too detrimental. I think it could be something as simple as making the “challenges” button a drop down menu on the main/pause menu that you have to click on to reveal, that way it isn’t constantly telling you “Complete these challenges! Do it now!!!” every time you pause. That way, those who don’t want to participate can opt out by just ignoring it without the menu constantly bugging the player.

For someone like me, it could give me something quick to do when I’m bored of condo-hopping, but that’s coming from someone who is so fixated on tower that I don’t really play any other games.

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I could see it working if it was just a small bonus thing to do, yeah. Personally, I generally find the basic concept questionable beyond predatory execution and good execution, because I (pretend to) have responsibilities. so it’d also come down to not only what the base rewards are, but what the challenge rewards are. x2 the usual you get for doing that? Is it in units, or does it also offer extra exp? Or is it a static 5k units for each challenge or something? Speaking of said challenges, how hard would they be? Would they be incredibly basic, or pretty specific?

I just think the execution of something like this is hard to not only get right, but to even be actually enjoyable and worth your time. Lotta factors to think through, and I’m not even noting how other people will react to this idea considering how predatorily it’s usually done. I just have little faith in the very basic idea of daily challenges like this.

We decided to extend Anniversary events a bit longer this year because of the Steam front page promotion we have - we plan to end Anniversary events on June 3rd.

Condo voting is something I want to display on the menu & the Condo Hub, but we’ve been busy tackling some pretty heavy programming tasks recently so we’ve been unable to.

Some of the arcade games need ticket balancing which we’re aware of and we’re starting to look at those again and update the artwork for them.

Personally, I do miss the old music and I can understand the events being a bit larger than they should be. I’m thinking that weekend events should be larger features or we can mark certain events to be less flashy and reduce their size or adjust the music more.

At the same time though, the reason there are so many events is because Tower has so many different activities and some players want Accelerate bonuses (because they like Accelerate more) and others want Arcade bonuses, etc. We want to spread these out but then it becomes quite a challenging task to balance it so players can have time for each event in the month.


Is it possible to get the best of both worlds where we can disable the event’s menu music override? I do like the variety of menu music we get, but I also do get nostalgic for the main menu music’s variety.

It could be something as simple as a setting labeled as:

Event Menu Music: [ON/OFF]

I also do think it’d be nice to have at least one day of rest in terms of events during the middle of the week like we once did before, but I’m not complaining either way.


The issue with TU since it was suddenly supposed to be a “themed park” instead of bright urban resort :‘’