May have lost 3 gold catsacks?

So last night while in my condo I brought out 3 gold catsacks.

I tried to activate the first one, but absolutely nothing happened. I tried the other two, and got an error about connectivity with Steam immediately. I did not record the full error, but it was definitely mentioning Steam and some connectivity issue (a timeout, connection failure, something along those lines). It happened right away with those two.

I then stashed them back in my inventory. At least I believe I did. I refreshed the inventory, and the gold catsacks were just GONE. On top of that, I got no notifications about items, and no new item notifications were in my Steam window except for the anniversary coins.

Not sure what happened.

Are you sure you didn’t actually get the items? A lot of time when I open catsacks it won’t open them in the world, but the catsack will get consumed and I’ll be given an item in return. I have a clip of a batch of catsacks I opened around the 23rd or 24th of last month where you can see the catsack not getting squished, the amount in my inventory going down, but you can also see that the Cosmic Catsack number does go up a few times with no indication of me getting one besides having the inventory open while I was doing it.

I’ve never gotten notifications about catsack related items as far as I can remember. Only item notifications I can remember ever getting are ones from character visits, event tokens, and purchases made from Tower Express.

From what I can tell of the items I can get, none went up in quantity. And as I said, when I get items in game, I get notifications about new items within Steam. This did not happen.

happened to me too, all I can do is not open them fastly

I don’t know how much slower I could have opened them than hit E and then accept on the dialog for the one catsack, except for me to hit E, go make some coffee, and then come back and hit accept.