May 3rd, 2019 Stream Recap


Welcome to the stream recap for May 3rd, 2019! I really had to fish for all of the things in this stream, but I was still able to group them up. All of these new features are strumming my heart. I wish I could undo that joke. If you don’t like these puns you’re gonna have to duel me about that.

Anyways, let’s accelerate into the recap!

Fishing (4:30)

First, Fishing was shown off. To fish, you’ll need a fishing rod and some bait from Gone Fishin’ at the boardwalk. Each bait catches different types of fish, and you can select them by pressing right click with the fishing rod equipped.

There are specific locations in the plaza where you can fish: a pond at the hill near the rollercoaster, the boardwalk, the fishing docks behind the Game World ports, and a pond between the boardwalk and lazy river area.

The Sea Encyclopedia (in the collection book) was also shown off. This is where you’ll be able to keep track of which fish you’ve caught and what you haven’t.

FIshing will come in

Lobby Groups (18:00)

Next, lobby groups were shown off. You can create groups in the plaza from the pause menu and invite players in that plaza to your group. There will be private voice chat so you can just talk to the people in your group without other players hearing.

The group owner can kick people from the group and transfer ownership to another group member.

Groups will come in

Minigolf: Garden Changes (22:00)

The Garden map for Minigolf is getting a visual update and bug fixes, such as getting stuck in tubes. The map has a lot more detail, including signs for the different holes and more foliage.

This will come out in

Ball Race: Woodlands (28:50)

Woodlands is a new Ball Race map that’s coming soon. It’s a remake of Grass World from GMod Tower (level design is the same with a graphical update). It will be Very Easy and will have 9 levels.

Minigolf: Alpine Changes (34:25)

The Alpine map for Minigolf is also getting changes. The lighting was changed, there’s more fog, the cave area and foliage were updated, and there’s a gondola track around the course. There are also course signs now.

Playable Guitars (38:00)

Guitars will be new instruments to play in your condo. There are 2 ways to play: note mode, like the piano, and chord mode, where you play by moving your mouse over the strings (the number keys enable different chords).

Zombie Massacre: Village (43:10)

Village is a new Zombie Massacre map set in northern England. The map will be Very Hard, and will have a werewolf as its boss.

New Minigame Arena (49:25)

There’s a new arena for the minigames that happen every few minutes. This arena will be used for things like chainsaw battles. There are circles around the pit that can reveal a pit of deadly acid when they sink down.

Dueling Arena (52:20)

This arena will be used for duels, and was the duel arena in GMod Tower. Duels will be coming soon.

Undoing in Condos (56:00)

You can undo and redo changes you’ve made in your condo now.

Accelerate (1:01:00)

The next Game World, Accelerate, was shown off. Mac drove around in a forest map while talking about what the Game World would be about. Someone crashed a plane too.

That’s the end of the stream recap. There wasn’t a Q&A this time.




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Loving the Accelerate Progress, from the looks of Checkpoints, it appears it will be a Mario Kart situation with a bit of Lego Racers 2 mixed in.

Lego Racers 2: Checkpoints appear.

Mario Kart: Obviously using a kart.

However, I can’t wait to see what the final Accelerate product looks like. I can’t wait to see Lifeless Raceway again.



can we have little race tracks for rc boats/cars in the plaza ?

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There’s one planned for the RC Cars, not sure about boats/planes/etc.



Yes! Playable guitars are long overdue, seeing as they’ve been on display in Songbirds for so long. Can’t wait to try them out. :guitar: