Max speed sound looping

Me and my friends think the sound of the cart when you are on max speed is looping to clearly. Maybe make it more like a steady sound which doesn’t sound looped that much.


Is this “issue” known or aren’t there any plans to change the sound? Don’t know if me and my friends are the only ones to notice but we think it is really annoying. As you almost always drive max speed you can hear it the whole race and it just loops the whole time. If you’d ask me, that would even be my #1 priority quality of life improvement.

I remember on their Trello somewhere (I can’t find it now) that said there will be a new engine sound at some point, so I imagine they are aware of it.

i suggested they add a variety of engine sounds at one point, but who knows if and when they’ll redo kart engine sounds

there’s a lot of sound stuff I’m still gonna do to accelerate, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. but to answer your question, yes, I have an overhaul of engine sounds planned


Thanks a lot for your answer! :slight_smile: