Mattio's Moonbase (Video)


I finally made a video of my Moonbase, set inside a crater to hide the smooth dirt. It’s one of my nicest looking builds made mostly in 2017 without the scaler tool, I touched up a few things with new items and tools this week and made the video, enjoy :smiley:


Another addition to the amazing creations people are making in Tower Unite, new players should see stuff like this instead of minigolf and porn condo’s .


How do you make those screens transparent?

Really good job btw! :smiley:



They’re just canvas PNG’s with an opacity of I think about 50%. You’d have to adjust them for your lighting, in reasonably dark areas adding glow to half transparent PNG’s makes them look really nice.


That condo is very impressive and the video editing was done nicely! Good job all around and keep it up!


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you win jackpots.


@macdguy I think it’s time to give Kalleira a paid vacation