Materials won't come out as translucent on vehicle


I’m trying to make import the BMW from NFS:MW into Tower Unite for accelerate. But everytime I upload it the metadata resets and the window texture reverts to being black instead of translucent. Can anyone help?

This could be an issue with the Workshop Editor itself and not the model. I intended to report a similar bug with transparent textures when editing vehicles/items.

Do note, I think metadata is intended to reset with every upload though. If your making changes and uploading a new one, try changing the file name for your new upload first, then you can copy the metadata from one item to another.

Unfortunately the real test for now is taking it into in-game.

Heya thank you so much for the reply,

I’ve been trying to make the texture translucent through the metadata, and my 2-3 test uploads all reverted back to the texture being pure black (note that I’ve also tested each test upload in-game atleast once, with each not looking different).

My only option as of now is to remove the vertexes attached to the windows, but by doing so I’m also removing like half the area around the windows on the mesh.

Could you maybe go more indepth with the metadata, please? I’m not at all experienced with Tower Unite’s workshop editor.

Apologies, I think I mistook what you were trying to say because I mixed up the terms ‘upload’ and ‘import’, and also because of some other importing bugs I experienced.

Transparent textures, when all set and done SHOULD be working in game, regardless of the bogus workshop previews. I made a quick test with a single texture of various degrees of transparency and it worked perfectly:


There might be something funky or different about the texture for the windows. I would need to see more about that model and that specific texture to figure it out.