Mas Fuerte total redesign

As it stands Mas Furerte 2k is a bit inconsistent with its input detection.

It encourages physical abuse of your keyboard and even if you do mash every key 30 times it inconsistently detects that even if you keep your mouse on the circle.

I think a key press system would be perfect total replacement.

You know the key press on slot machines? Well turn that into a game. Like those resident evil quicktime events, press G, now press Y, now press M. But keep your dot in the circle. Picture that at a frantic pace. You still have to keep your mouse aligned but now its less of a frantic mash that might actually damage your hardware and more of a game of skill that can be mastered.
The more correct keys your press and the faster you do, the higher your power.

I think Mas Fuerte’s input is like it is because the devs wanted to discourage the use of turbo macros.

Yeah but the alternative is to slaughter your keys and still not make it to the top.
I was talking with a couple of guys last night we were all trying to figure out the mechanics, only one of us got to beyond 75% and the guy said he literally rubbed his keyboard against his knee. I’ve had this keyboard for a long time and I don’t fancy damaging it, meanwhile the game requires you to literally shred the keys to make it over 25% and you can’t press the same keys over and over either, its gotta be different keys.

The physical requirements outweigh the fun of it in other words.


not sure if you figured this out but mas fuerte is tied to framerate, so if your fps is lower youre gonna do worse than if it’s higher, which might be a major reason the game feels inconsistent


No wonder I barely hit 50% while obliterating my keyboard AND hand. The arcade has been at like, 15-20fps for me with how packed it’s been lol

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Honestly I disagree I think having a game where you smash keys like a madman is hilarious and I like it a lot

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i much rather not wanna abuse or obliterate my one and only keyboard, as funny as it is, i don’t wanna risk it.

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You don’t have to slam your entire keyboard like crazy. You just need to alternate between two or three inputs. For example, WASD and mouse left/right click.

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I honestly had no clue that clicking worked haha

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Clicking, a lot of the time, causes the cursor thing to teleport away from where you’ve moved it to, which means a lot of the keyboard input you do also won’t count–at least from what I’ve noticed.


this happens when pressing number keys, too

TBH, I’m up for a total redesign, I don’t want to break something.

Maybe do it like the Tornado?