Mario 64 Princess Peach Castle Tower Unite Remake

As the title says :

This is something I did in 2 days, i’d love to expand it more if there’s every some basic tools to make minigames (teleports, boosts where u can set velocity, etc)

the concept was going to be each level is based off a video game or a movie scene.


wow i’m impressed.

nice work man

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It would honestly be so sick to fill that with furniture and custom architecture. The floor plan is really cool. Nice work!

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What kind of funiture and custom architecture?
Honestly I tried dropping in in game assets and thought they contrasted very heavily and didn’t work (making the room feel too crowded)
so i’ll probably be trying to make objects primarily from the ground up.

That’s a good point, most of the items in TU would clash stylistically with the map’s design. I would probably make custom walls and multiple floors in the interior since it’s a pretty large space, and I’d incorporate the stairs and balconies while covering them. But that’s just something I like to do, it makes it feel more personalized for me.

:frowning: Not showing much respect for the creator’s map when I do that, but it’s what I do.

Yeah I was thinking of maybe putting some more clouds around the higher parts of the walls and maybe some question blocks.