March 2020 Bowling Tournament

Since the bowling lag is mostly fixed by now, I decided to make another bowling Tourney since people liked it so much. Please reply telling me which day you’d like it on or if you want it to be next week. Currently I have it set to Saturday at 2PM EST. You can check the time zone with as this time is currently at the -4 time zone. Once again, please post comments and concerns about preferred time and day.

In addition, I created a Discord server for you to be able to be notified about tourneys in the future. I decided to go this way because of last tourney having quite a few no-shows. Here is an invite.

Challonge link:
Community for Challonge:

If you intend to join the tourney please be in the Discord and challonge. When joining the Discord mention a referee or admin with your challonge name so we can track who’s who.

No prizes will be given, but you will be congratulated. Please do sign up and join the discord if you can it helps.

Prizes will be pad out in poker table winnings; you can trust on this, I’ve done it last winter and everyone got their units.

Tourney Rules

  1. No straight slow-ball technique. If you’ve done it before you know what it is. I know what it is so please don’t do it.
  2. You are to bowl on your directed lanes when asked.
  3. No macroing. We will be watching for that too.
  4. If you take more than 30 minutes to complete your set of three games you will be stopped and the score will be tallied.
  5. If the referee asks you to stop, please stop.

A set of three games is expected to take at least 18 minutes at the least. Please be fully aware of this before you sign up to this tournament. Please sign up for Challonge before you play; it helps out with statistics and makes it easier for you in the future.


isn’t transferring money like that not allowed? i feel like i read that on discord but i don’t remember

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I’ve never had someone tell me there is a rule against it.

If there is not enough players the tourney will be pushed to the next week.

It was pushed to next weekend because of lack of players.

I would enter this but only if macdguy says something in this post saying yeah you can provide the winnings in that way ect.

I don’t know what to do about this. I actually need an executive deicison.

Your post was also from, 2019 it seems.

So I found this in the EULA but I’m unsure if this only applies to trade of units for real things and such, or if it just means in general it isn’t allowed.

I think it applies to real thing, because simultaneously Nath is making Obstacle Course Condo Contest for units

That’s because he is an actual developer, he can transfer units into their account, he is doing a more “official” event


Spookz, thats Units into real money. You’re taking that line out of context. It’s simply saying no trading real money for units. The units I’m giving is for nothing in return.

I wouldnt say that, “Transfers of Units are strictly prohibited” is on a sperate line, which to me makes it seem like units can’t be given to eachother.

I can officially confirm that trading units in any way, shape or form is not allowed, as stated in the game’s EULA - apologies for falsely giving the green light before.


Alright then! No prizes will be awarded. Instead, a little congratulations and a bunch of glory will be given. Thank you for the clarification!