Maps, Servers, and Custom content. (Question)

Hi everyone!

I have read that we will be able to host our own servers privately, add our own items, and prettymuch customize the game how we want. But excuse me if I’m blind here, but I did not see anything about map developing. Will we be able to develop our own maps? If so, what file types will it be accepting?
Regardless, I’m mainly asking these questions because I would like to start my team on developing things for the new standalone for our own private server!

I apologize in advance for my ignorance, I may have misread or misunderstood some information that I was reading. Thank you for any replies.

Take care~

Well, the plan is to be able to have custom content via workshop, but it’s currently unknown as to how much we’ll be able to customize the final game. I wouldn’t say that you’ll be able to make custom maps, but it’s definitely a possibility.
As for the file type, it’s probably going to be the default UE4 level format (which is .umap if I recall correctly).


Ahh, I see thank you for your reply.

I was reading and just didn’t see any information about it haha. So I thought I would ask.
We wouldn’t want to get a project started and it turns out that we’re not on the right track.

Mac stated on one of the streams a while ago that custom map support probably won’t happen for a while, but they really want to include it when they can. So it’s safe to assume that sooner or later it will be a thing.

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I believe cosmetics or player models or furniture are going to be the first things supported with the workshop, and the rest later. Soon! The devs are working hard and surprisingly fast! They’re great at their job.

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