"Map of the Week" for official/ranked lobby servers

I think that every week, a moderator should pick game world maps that have at least a 4-and-a-half star rating on the workshop. These maps would then be accessible for the official lobby server players to vote on and play. This could possibly work as a “Map of the Week” type thing. And like the Portal 2 workshop maps, after the end of the game world you would either click on a up-vote or down-vote button which would send feedback to the official workshop page.

Edit 1: I think that picking a map for each game world each week would take a lot of effort. So possibly it could go on a rotation where there is one or two maps for two game worlds each week.

Edit 2: Another idea came to mind, but I’m unsure if it’s okay. Perhaps those that play on the workshop maps with the “Map of the Week” status can earn 10% more Units during the duration of that game world. It would be an incentive to play those maps. But there should also be a rule where you are unable to vote on those maps after the server has voted on them twice in a row, like in regular GMT.


I really like this, maybe it could tie in with this? Getting workshop maps noticed

Kind of. But I’m unsure of what you mean by “verification process.”

The verification thing is about whether or not a map gets to be played on ranked servers. No maps that are just for free money.

What do you mean?

If there was like a ballrace map packed with cuboids and was just linear and easy to beat, it would end up becoming the map everyone grinds on. There has to be a moderation thing to prevent unfair gains or unbalanced gameplay.

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Read my first sentence of the post. I did state that a moderator should pick the map.

Like on the steam workshop side. I was thinking of how the TF2 Workshop works. People vote on it if they like it and then it is also later certified to be compatible with the game. Something like this. Then the server moderator chooses from certified maps for play.

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I think that could work.

How would the voting work? Would it btw similar to game queue-ing in tower?

I’m assuming yes, if enough players are in the queued in the game, and there currently isn’t a game going on the voting would occur. It would be grouped in with the normal maps, but possibly off to the side as to stand out.

I like the idea!

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Just trying to understand this, are you saying that if a map gets enough votes it’s officially implemented into the game? In that regard I’d be all for that. One of the biggest problems with GMT was always the lack of newer maps for most game modes.

It won’t be officially in the game forever. Just for one week.


It would be a shame to take down an incredibly popular map after a week. If people really REALLY like it, why not permanently add it to the selection?

That’s why it’s called “Map of the Week”. But getting it permanently added would be nice.

That is where my post comes in.
Getting workshop maps noticed