[MAP] Minigolf: Skygolf (18/18) [WIP]

Since GMod Tower Forums is in Read-Only mode, I’ll make a new thread here.

The map is still in progress, but ALL 18 holes are COMPLETE!
(Still need 3d Skybox & Other Floating Scenery, when that is complete I’ll post a trailer on this thread!)
Trello: https://trello.com/c/Ndll9R0Q/1-minigolf-skygolf-wip

Hole1: (Splitting Finish) Named by: Etorix
Hole2: (Pitch Fork) Named by: thatsmrcole
Hole3: (Pair of Legs) Named by: Blasphemous
Hole4: (The Drop) Named by: SSilber14
Hole5: (High Roller) Named by: Blasphemous
Hole6: (Complications) Named by: Etorix
Hole7: (Zig Zag) Named by: Blasphemous
Hole8: (What even is this where does it end) Named by: CakeMagic
Hole9: (Sub Ohm) Named by: Kyoshokid
Hole10: (Parallel Coil) Named by: romanmob
Hole11: (Roaming Romans Hills) Named by: romanmob
Hole12: (Blackout City) Named by: Kyoshokid
Hole13: (Leap of Faith) Named by: spongeyperson
Hole14: (Long Stretch) Named by: SSilber14
Hole15: (Choose your Fate) Named by: spongeyperson
Hole16: (Decisions) Named by: thatsmrcole
Hole17: (Such Map, Many Holes) Named by: ℳario™
Hole18: (Labyrinth) Named by: Etorix

Map View#1

Map View#2

-Note the PAR’s are subject to change!

Waiting Area

Hole1: [Par 2]
Hole Name: (Splitting Finish)

Hole2: [Par 2]
Hole Name: (Pitch Fork)

Hole3: [Par 3]
Hole Name: (Pair of Legs)

Hole4: [Par 4]
Hole Name: (The Drop)

Hole5: [Par 3]
Hole Name: (High Roller)

Hole6: [Par 4]
Hole Name: (Complications)

Hole7: [Par 5]
Hole Name: (Zig Zag)

Hole8: [Par 3]
Hole Name: (What even is this where does it end)

Hole9: [Par 4]
Hole Name: (Sub Ohm)

Hole10: [Par 3]
Hole Name: (Parallel Coil)

Hole11: [Par 4]
Hole Name: (Roaming Romans Hills)

Hole12: [Par 5]
Hole Name: (Blackout City)

Hole13: [Par 4]
Hole Name: (Leap of Faith)

Hole14: [Par 5]
Hole Name: (Long Stretch)

Hole15: [Par 3]
Hole Name: (Choose your Fate)

Hole16: [Par 5]
Hole Name: (Decisions)

Hole17: [Par 4]
Hole Name: (Such Map, Many Holes)

Hole18: [Par 4]
Hole Name: (Labyrinth)

Hole18 has 3 layers of a maze, 3rd layer being the end hole so choosing the right holes on layer 1 & 2 will put you closer to the end hole on level 3. (I didn’t show levels 2 & 3 to keep the hole a suprize to figure out)


Is there any chance you’ll recreate this in Unreal for TU? I’d love to give this course a try!

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Yeah I’am planning on just taking the BEST holes from this course (The funnest ones) & using the “Brush To BSP” converter to make them in unreal! Can’t wait! @macdguy will release this tool when he releases the map creator tools & stuff.

Edit: The scenery may be different though

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I had seen this map in the GMod Tower forums, but since I had no account there I didn’t end up commenting.

This course looks very good! I would love to see it as a final addition to the current tower before moving on. :blush:

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I originally considered you a Tower Unite developer since this looks extremely professional.

I concur with Arkive in that I hope this makes it to the game!

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This looks great and Forest in GMT is also a lot of fun :smile:

I really hope that this gets either into GMT or Tower Unite in some shape or form as I would really like to play it.

Great Job! :thumbsup:

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I think PixelTail are completly done with gmod now, so I doubt we will ever see it in the current version of tower. :frowning:

Hahha thanks! That meant alot! I can’t WAIT to do stuff for Tower Unite as a contribution!

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Speechless. It looks beautiful!

I hope they accept it as an actual map :slight_smile:

Not sure if it will, as they are working on the development for Tower Unite now. Let’s just hope they have time to do it! :smiley:

There you go!


You did very well on this! I would love to see it in TU. The map looks nice, and as far as I can tell it looks par-fair and playable. This would certainly be an early on Workshop item for me! I have a question, though; was it easy to make a map like this? I’d like to do so m’self, but I don’t really know how.

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This map was made for GMod Tower, with the hammer tool. I’ve already planned a map for TU workshop & I’ll make a post about it once its finished

can’t you also use the zfbx and zbsp tools that zak made to port the map to unreal engine

Sure can, messing with a ground up map right now though using only ue4 & its given tools.