Map Creation Tool

Now, for a while I have been enjoying Tower Unite yet there has been some things bugging me, which is the repepetition of minigames such as golf or ball race, both some quite fun games (and the only ones played right now), but their lack of maps is quite frustrating and is very discouraging.
Perhaps some ranshackle level designer for minigames could be created but just for ball race and minigolf. Whenever someone designs a level it’d be uploaded to a test branch of minigolf and ball race for people to test and rate so if it was rated high enough it could be considered to be added to the main game.
I’d love to see some form of response from anyone!

Luckily these have already been suggested a few times so the devs a probably already working on this, or they might soon.

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Neither of those suggestions talk about the thing OP has suggested: a dedicated level editor. Also, the “Game World maps” part of the Trello page @AmGona posted only concerns using the workshop to share and play maps, not making them with, again, a dedicated level editor.


Im well aware of that,
I sadly doubt the devs would create a fully fledged map creator with snapping functions, map pieces and the ability to specifiy map rules before they have even completed the workshop integration and editor.

Luckily the game engine already has its own editor that he could use to create minigolf courses that he could send in to the devs and ask he if they would be so kind as to consider if they should add them.

so why did you bother at all?

Well i forgot to mention to him that he could use the unreal editor to make minigolf/ball race maps that he could send in to the devs for now.

One thing is for certain, we will not be using Unreal 4 Editor to develop custom maps. So don’t start making maps in Unreal 4’s editor - it won’t be compatible.

Custom map support will have to be done within our game using a combination of our own tools.