[Map Bug Megathread] The Plaza / Lobby

The lighting on the south wall of Songbirds changes as you get right up next to it.

Summary of bug here.
Found a small hole that allows players to go under the map

Steps to Reproduce

At first I thought i did something on my jetpack that made me accidentally clip through the wall, then tried flying around seeing if i could replicate it

What I expected to happen

To leave and go to the monorail

What happened

Well it turns out there is a small patch, in the corner of this building next to the secret “do not push the button room” Pictures can be found below of where it exactly is, so you guys can hopefully get a patch out so others do not exploit this

Notes / Media

Where the small hole is: https://i.imgur.com/lNuHhTM.jpeg

If you go in the grass next to the curved corner behind the gameworld ports, you’ll fall through. You may need to be smaller than normal size, though.

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I noticed the bowling pins (part of the decoration) from the exterior of the Bowling to be viewed low poly from a close distance, a bit far away.



I took a screenshot of this bug in the while when cursor is clipping (or whatever ) on the player model while looking the Plaza Map.

And here’s the other one I took today.

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Like was reported before in this and this there’s yet another spot but at Seasons where the sounds there are not affected by the Effects volume slider. (The other ones being Laser Tag Lobby building, Bait Shop and the cauldron at the Lighthouse Shop/The Stray.)

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Some of the textures look unfinished and it seems to be missing textures for pipes that support the water slide from the Main Plaza.

There is an entire panel of Arcade roof that you can go straight through to clip through the map.

All you need to reproduce the bug is walk right onto the pictured spot below and you fall straight through

To be able to walk along the roof.

Stuck under the map, unable to leave.

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I found another one at the Halloween Maze on that exit portal thingy where the sound it emits doesn’t react to even your Master Volume settings.

a texture in the plaza seems to have the wrong texture scale

Steps to Reproduce

go to the spot in the screenshots(near the fountain)

What I expected to happen

for it to line up

What happened

it didn’t line up

there’s this point where the texture sticks out:

While walking around I found a spot that is missing collision and I fell through the map. This is behind Game Ports in plaza, between the beach and the wall thing. I am unsure if this exists for the non-Halloween variant of the plaza. Game Version:

I was in the central plaza and I noticed random splashes near the central fountain when I was throwing knifes. This is the same issue when I was jumping on the invisible area were the random splashes is located.

During Halloween, there is a fog effect applied to the whole plaza. After joining, if the player teleports into indoor locations, such as Arcade, Bowling, Casino, etc, the plaza fog will remain visible inside these areas.

If you use doors to enter/exit one of these locations, the indoor fog disappears. After using doors once, if you ever teleport into an indoor area from the plaza, the fog will not appear again.

If you teleport to an indoor area from another indoor area, the fog returns.

(Outdoor fog in the plaza itself is seemingly never affected.)

There’s a little bit in the entrance of the Dark Voyage queue where you can hear a quirky little noise that somewhat reminds me of some noise that Trivia does but idk what it’s supposed to be here. Also that section sorta culls out when you’re jumping there.

There’s a few small visual bugs/holes on the Dark Voyage ride:

You can see through the stairs when looking back in the sawblade trap room.

There’s a few floating ceiling lights in the laboratory.

You can peek into the sawblade trap room when entering the mansion.

You can see through the ceiling at the end of the winding hallway in the mansion.

You can see through the floor while the metal doors are open at the beginning of the ride.

The walls at the top of the queue room have missing textures.

A bit of the mansion area’s ground sticks out into the transition room.

in mouth I believe you can see out of bounds


Maybe I should have posted this in here, however, there’s a bit more to this bug than just the map-related portion of it. Dropping a link to it here for the sake of organization:

I cant enter the plaza no matter what server I try. The game gets to the loading screen for the plaza and then goes black and stays black for an eternity. My compuaters task manager states that the game is running normally, but it never progresses past the black screen. all other features of the game are accessable and work fine. Please help!

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