[Map Bug Megathread] Condo: Smooth Dirt

Hey everyone, this is a a thread for all bugs related to Condo - Smooth Dirt.

It would be great if people could explain where an issue lies, with a screenshot or video, and we’ll try and get round to fixing them when we can. Once we have fixed an issue or believed to have fixed an issue, I will delete the post made by the user just so the thread doesn’t get too crowded. If the issue still remains and hasn’t quite been fixed properly, please post it again.

Thanks everyone!

Smooth Dirt always has a slight amount of fog, even when the fog slider is set all the way down. This causes stuff far away to have a dark blue tint to it at night. You can see it easily around the bottom edges of this skybox:


There seems to be a radius or box around the center platform where footstep sounds can play in first person, and everywhere else on the map is super inconsistent, only playing them shortly after landing from a jump or exiting 3rd person.