[Map Bug Megathread] Condo: Resort

Regarding my las post, i made a new thread since it looks like that issue might be client related and doesnt affect everyone. but building more today i found something else.

Invisible non collision Floor In the Tower
has collision when trying to place/copy something, floor seems to be right on the line of the wall texture

Yeah, the RAM usage is pretty damn out of control.

In the “Secret Floor” area there is a weird dark lighting. Also you can’t change the type of light or the light’s color

And this bug is still present

Missing shower curtain rods

None of the suites have rods holding up their shower curtains, only the shadows on the wall where they connect are present.

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On The West side of the suites to the left all of the doors or offset and you are able to see through the world on the bottoms of them

it seems that small models (tested default skeleton with tiny potion) can and will fall into this small hole, and will fall under the map

the place where my friend is standing is the hole (off by a few centimeters pretty sure?)

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Not all geometry surfaces can be customised for materials, and there are inconsistencies as to what can be.

For example:-

Condo Hallway East and North has these overhanging tiles can be modified, but not so with those in Condo Hallway West

The following surfaces can not be changed:-

  • Light Pillars in Condo Check-in, Atrium Teleporters, and Atrium
  • ‘Tile Patterned’ pillars in the Plaza/Mall area.
  • The Bar in the Bar area
  • The grey Square Carpet in Arcade stairwell
  • The secret sliding door/wall panel in Theatre Hallway
    There’s probably more…

Also, sometimes the colour of surfaces is not persisting and/or not being networked to clients.

[] The Dev HQ is now really dark for some reason.