[Map Bug Megathread] Condo: Condo (Default)

Hey everyone, this is a a thread for all bugs related to Condo - Condo (Default).

It would be great if people could explain where an issue lies, with a screenshot or video, and we’ll try and get round to fixing them when we can. Once we have fixed an issue or believed to have fixed an issue, I will delete the post made by the user just so the thread doesn’t get too crowded. If the issue still remains and hasn’t quite been fixed properly, please post it again.

Thanks everyone!


Newer Players’ condos have a unique caustic lighting property to their pools. This effect isn’t present in legacy players’ condos nor is it available as a lighting effect (such as “Slow Pulse” or “Candle”). Resetting your condo does not activate this effect either. This applies to both pools in the Default Condo.

(Also of note is that weird Cosmic effect in my pool’s reflection, not sure what’s causing that)


The water under the Condo itself has a very strong glow to it. This is most apparent in the Block to the side of the building.

Speaking of the Block, half of it has a solid volume collision while the other half is hollow and allows the player build inside it (which is very useful). This hollow collision should be given to the other half to allow players to build larger secret chambers near the central area (instead of all the way behind the mountains).

There is a gap between the floor and window to the left of the sliding glass door.


There’s a little hole right here:

  • The UV Scale of the grassy patch on the roof is smaller (larger?) than the rest of the roof. This makes it impossible to match none-scaling Materials (check my Megathread for those).

  • All grassy spots use the stone / concrete footstep sounds (even the ones not connected to a canvas)

  • These plants float (they were probably attached to the previous rock formation)

  • I’ve been getting some major FPS drops in this area since but the furniture hasn’t changed.


A few feet back and it’s back to normal


Some point after April this year, these stairs outside are now pitch-black dark unless in direct contact from a light source.

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Sunlight from the ceiling glass is appearing on the wall of the basement. I’m on game version, but I think this bug has been present since I can remember, it’s only now that I’ve gotten around to reporting it.

Here is a screenshot of the wall in the basement:

Here is a screenshot of the sunlight in the centre of the condo:

This issue remains, but has since spread. The glowing sea has started to peek through the floor of the Condo’s interior.

Also note that dynamic surfaces (objects) are tinted a darker blue than the rest of the room. I’m guessing there’s also baked lighting that’s only affecting static / stationary assets.

I placed a large canvas primitive to demonstrate the glowing sea.

Correction: this is the Volume for Exterior Lighting. It expands throughout most of the interior with only parts of the Kitchen, Basement, and Upstairs rooms have the correct lighting.

Here are comparisons in the Kitchen and Entrance (Bathroom door is pictured). Note how the non-brush objects are affected by this lighting (including built-in doors and furniture), making them noticeably blue in darker lighting.

This was probably done because of the sunroof, but I feel like the interior lighting would suit it more.

The retractable ceiling will always display the default glass texture after the level or snapshot is loaded, even though the properties remember a previously selected texture.

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Fish can get stuck and flop around at the bottom end of the deck pool:

Screamy Boy can walk through the small set of stairs in the main Condo room and the gray walls on either side of the sliding doors.

Found a gap at the garden pool.

Doors don’t have item names (including the ones to interior rooms, the shower, and the sliding glass door to the patio):

The sink, bathtub, and mirror in the bathroom are all just named “Map Object”:

The countertop and cupboards in the kitchen are just called “Wall”:

Water green for Halloween

The water in the pools is green, I don’t think this is intentional

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There’s a bit of wall surrounding the retractable glass ceiling that has no collision:

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