MAP - Ballrace: Prism



Lots of Prisms. And blooping blocks.


[ul][li]Come up with a better name[/li][li]Playtest[/li][li]Optimize[/li][li]More optimizing[/li][li]Even more optimizing[/li][li]Never enough optimizing[/li][li]Optimizing is a seemingly neverending process (gotta wait for new Unreal Engine version for new features)[/li][li]Music[/li][li]Fix EVERYTHING[/li][li]More playtesting[/li][li]Playtest one last time[/li][li]Playtest one more time[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]When any level starts, there is a big delay before the camera is set to the player[/li][li]Instanced static meshes don’t show baked light on LODs (supposedly fixed in… Unreal Engine 4.15. Ow.)[/li][li]Blocks that require a button push to appear are visible at level start for clients[/li][/ul]



So is Prism finished, and just in the final stages? Or are there still some levels that require completion?

EDIT: And is the music finished? Because I know that’s what held up GLXY…

It’s pretty much finished, though there might be some changes after playtesting.

As for music, nothing is really set in stone, but I have been trying stuff for some time now. It sure as hell will not be that annoying bleep bloop bleep music I presented when the level was in the experimental stage.

The main thing I am focusing on at the moment is optimizing. And more optimizing. Some optimizing as well. Did I mention optimizing? I shall optimize.
Because none of you are thrilled to play this at 18fps. But fret not, I know what the problem is. It’s just really tricky to fix.

How are you gonna solve the issue for people playing this level from another region with really high ping? Wouldn’t that really fuck with people…?

That’s a problem with Ball Race in general. We are working on this.

Estimated month for a fix for that?

There isn’t one and in general you cannot solve high ping issues in games that deal with physics without simulating it entirely on the client. Try to find a server with better ping.

I don’t understand why it isn’t client-side, the game’s already VAC protected and you could just verify movements with the server. I don’t know much about this since I’ve never dealt with networking but it sounds like a decent idea to me.

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If players will be able to mod custom music into the game at some point, I’d love to see what tracks I can use to interact with/fit this level, even if the custom music doesn’t affect the level in any way.

In fact, there could be a mutator for Ballrace in general for selecting a specific music track to be played, if only to be used for this level.

This would be pretty cool, do something similar to Crypt of the Necrodancer where the speed changed based off the song’s bpm

Can’t wait to start speed running on this map it looks dope

Looks like i can’t play Ball Race ever again then. Nobody has good ping when you have slow internet and live in the UK trying to connect to US players who also rarely have good internet speeds. All the other games modes seem to work fine though for some reason.

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"[quote=“CKlidify, post:10, topic:10851, full:true”]
the game’s already VAC protected and you could just verify movements with the server. I don’t know much about this since I’ve never dealt with networking but it sounds like a decent idea to me.

Okay so there is TONS of servers arround the world and you cant just connect to that one that is nearest to you?. If you move a server that is a good location for a server to a new location player will be effective by it. If i were you i would join the closest server next to you.

FYI:VAC has nothing to do with moving the server. The only thing that it does its to protect the game from cheaters.

Considering that on it’s BEST day this game gets about 120 players i doubt there are “Tons” of servers and there are even less people playing from UK. Get a clue

Cant you just host a server lmao and this game is in early access so if i were you i would wait for more servers to come out when its out of early access :grinning:

Hosting a server just makes anyone who joins me have really bad ping making it unplayable for them. I play singleplayer ballrace but that gets old fast. Yes clearly it’s early access and the most commonly used anecdote on here.

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The only solution is making it clientside which could open it up to cheaters.

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[ul][li]“Even more optimizing” has been checked off on the “Checklist” checklist.[/li][li]“More optimizing” has been checked off on the “Checklist” checklist.[/li][li]“Playtest” has been checked off on the “Checklist” checklist.[/li][/ul]


Wow, my suggestion is in the game now? Awesome :open_mouth:

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[ul][li]“Fix EVERYTHING” has been checked off on the “Checklist” checklist.[/li][/ul]