Man, its been a while since I've submitted my questions

…and only 2 have had action taken against them, which was my joke question and my question that I was unsure if it was duplicate or not. I submitted most of my questions back in NOVEMBER. I can understand that it takes a while to get to ALL of the submitted questions, but this is just STUPID.


Sorry your questions are taking a while to get submitted. I mostly handle all question acceptance and have been quite busy behind the scenes the last couple weeks working on internal things.

Starting Monday I will be full powering through the list.


Thanks! Sorry if I came off as rude or uncalled for in my post, but its great that you’ll be doing that.

Thanks again for getting back to me!

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It’s normal that it takes them a while to review questions. They cannot just skim through them quickly, they have to do research on them to confirm that the given answer is correct.