Making the Condos/suites more fun, funny and/or functional (And some other stray ideas)

The condos are a big part of Gmod tower and Tower Unite. However I feel like they can improve a lot more. Here are some of my ideas:

Having the condo 3D2D textscreen was pretty nice to use, and the camera option was a good addition. However if someone ran your doorbell you had to run all the way down and check the camera, and by that time the person there would have run off. You should add more of the access panels in the bedroom and outside, and if you dont want them in a certain area you can just remove them using the main access panel.

I know you will be able to mix and match flooring and wallpaper, but it would be pretty sweet if you could change the view of your condo balcony. For example you could switch it so instead of a resort, you could change it to a forest with birds, or an ocean, or maybe the moon! Building off this topic you should make the wallpaper not just be plain old normal walls. You should be able to make it look like a dojo, or an underground lab. It would bode well with themed condos.

Make things interactive. Sure you could hit e on a microwave and it would make a noise, but we want more. Having beer was pretty cool, but think about adding more food and drinks. Imagine having a party in a condo with steaming pizza on the coffee table, or having a nice relaxing coffee while you watch the sun come up (Quick note: Time should pass by, so you can have a dance party outside by the pool at night or have a nice cup of joe while the sun comes up.) This could open up a huge new variety of options, because the fridge could have a use. Store leftovers in your fridge, or brew a cup of decaf coffee in your new coffee machine! heat up some kind of knockoff pizza rolls in your microwave!

Please PLEASE dont make the rooms super overpriced. I dont want to grind minigolf 40 times to get the money to buy a poolside balcony. I dont care if it still costs money, but to be honest when I looked at the price of the pool I groaned. Sure, the gamemodes are fun but I dont want to sit for 3 hours grinding money. The gamemodes should be fun, not a painful repeat of the same thing over and over again. Which brings me to my next idea…

Sometimes the gamemodes get boring. Even with the amount of them, cycling through them feels like recycling old pop cans into a new item that gets boring after 5 minutes. You can solve this by adding more gamemodes, but it would still get boring after a while. So I suggest adding dynamic, randomized events that happen through the games. Imagine playing minigolf and all of a sudden you get text on your screen that says “The gravity decreases!” And now the game is different. Adding an amount of randomness ensures a different experience every time you play because you get a twist of the normal gamemode.

The condos are sweet. The sheer amount of customization is awesome. In lobby two, you introduced a second floor. So why not add more? Imagine unlocking an entire second floor to your condo, with new rooms, new place for your TV, or you find an amazing new place for that gameroom you were going to put in your dim room! Dont like the first bedroom? Well you found a new, different one upstairs! Now you can turn your old bedroom into that danceroom that you were looking a spot for! Or you could unlock a basement, with a cellar to put all of your beer in. Which brings me to another point…

I talked about adding food and drinks, but think about bringing it a step further. You could make a customized smoothie with a blender in elevator source. But what about customizing pizza? What about a pizza place next to all the other shops where you can order pizza with any toppings you want? Sounds sweet, right? Well what about having all kinds of food places! A coffee shop, or maybe you want some chinese food? How about a nice fancy restaurant with some wine? sip

In GMOD tower you had a massive flatscreen TV. But in america, we think bigger. I want my own projecter, so I can move it closer or farther away from a wall to make the image bigger or smaller. Think about making your own in-home theater!

I have a lot more ideas but I dont want to make this topic an essay. Goodbye for now!

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Most of these things are being added, like the different condo scenery(heard this from the twitch streams). And I think I heard that more food will be added too. And they said there will be customizable floor plans with upgradable grids, so a third floor is a possibility. Basically there is going to be more customization than in GMT. We’ll just have to wait and see though.

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I remember them saying somewhere that the condo layout in Tower Unite will be different due to you being able to have full reign of customization and layout additions. They want bigger, they want better, and they definitely want limitless (which is why they are switching to UE4). I would love to see the random event thing in gamemodes to add some variety when you play. Like for SDNL, you could have a low gravity deathmatch and in another game, you’re only limited to melee weapons but you’re really fast.

Bigger. Better, More. We’re not in Source anymore.

Yeah, Im excited. In other news, what about adding an option where you can enable PvP in your apartment and enable certain weapons? you could make your own arena. Or maybe adding more cameras to the inside of your apartment? maybe secret doors. Jesus I feel like im about to explode with all the ideas :smiley:


Let them flow man.

For the PvP thing to work in apartments you’d need a lot of space. Soooo, maybe a minimum requirement of rooms and certain square footage or metres to be able to have an all out brawl.

Maybe adding a thing where you can see the queue for a certain gamemode and queue up as well using the item that you can put in your condo.

More pets, maybe cats or dogs that roam around your condo?

You should create quests that require you to look for items around the game, or play a certain gamemode, and they should reward you with money or a unique item or piece of furniture

When players speak in chat it creates a little speech bubble with the text inside

You should be able to sell things in your own store (Friends idea, not mine)

More dance moves, kinect support so you can dance in real life and dance in game at the same time. Or a webcam that moves your face in game as you move it in real life.

Being able to write books in game and put them on a bookshelf for others to read. This would be especially awesome.

Playing cards in game, so you can play blackjack or poker at your condo or chess.

You should create separate post for all of these and go deep into detail.

Multiple condo panels were added in lobby 2 beta but were removed due to lag and other issues. These will likely be brought back.

Changing the view of the balcony is already planned, prices of the rooms may not change much but the floor plan editor will introduce new days to design your condo.

Something related to cooking on a stove is already planned and can be seen on their trello- this may arrive later on.

Do they already have a trello for TU?

I don’t believe so, but all (or at least most) of the coming soon content on the GMT trello will be coming soon to Tower Unite.