Make Your Own Shops?

Maybe have a system (if you are adding trading and stuff which i heard you are doing) so that when people join your condo you can have a npc wherever you wanna place it with all the things you have up to trade and when they try to trade you can see like a notification saying they want to trade this from your shop would be pretty cool to run your own business through a condo saw this in gmod tower where this dude made a hula doll shop from his condo when trading was a thing

only example picture that i kinda saw simulate this was this picture (except it would be example “your shop” and your tradeable things) dont know if this would work but just an idea

I think this isnt a bad idea. But it should be -Not In Stores- items only.

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Eh, that’s a no from me. I’m againts all sorts of trading, custom shops included.

The devs have said that they don’t want any trading in TU in the past.


To be fair, thats a fairly recent statement that he may not have seen. Before that, they had said that they wouldn’t be implementing trades

Right. I noticed that too and remember them being pretty against it early on. I wasn’t quoting that to be snotty, just passing along what I also just discovered.

Oh, I know you weren’t. That’s why I said he may not have seen it, so it’s good that you brought it up.

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