Make Weapon Slots 6-8 Bindable

I want to bind all weapon slot controls to avoid switching keyboard layout everytime, but the last 3 slots aren’t bindable on settings. I suggest adding 3 more weapon slots to make it more usable.

I believe this is specifically for Virus which doesn’t have as many weapon slots.

I see, that the last 3 weapon slots don’t seem to give you something, but I think they’re mainly specific for the Plaza of course.

Considering that the plaza uses the mouse wheel for camera control it’s clearly designed for gameworld weapons, but as of now the only gameworld that has weapon switching is virus. At least until SDNL gets added.

I managed to do this a while ago with the input.ini file that you can find into “my documents/tower… …” (iirc)

Note: This one is for an AZERTY keyboard.

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Cheers for a fix, but I think my idea should stand out for other users who don’t have the kind of knowledge for that way.


Yeah, but what I did is like a placeholder, for the time being.

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