Make the push to talk key not interact with the casino AFK pop up

I was gambling in the casino a while ago and struck up a conversation through voice chat with some people there while gambling, but then suddenly I was booted from the machine with the game saying I failed to push the right key due to me holding down my push to talk key when the AFK pop up suddenly happened. This happened twice to me, and a few times to the people I was talking to as well, I’d suggest you make the push to talk key not interact with the anti AFK pop up if possible, I don’t want to worry about being vaporized in the middle of a conversation while gambling.

The only issue with this is people can rebind the key.


Could the AFK check look at the player’s keybinds and just choose a key that’s not used at the time? Basically just figure out which key is set as PTT and then remove that from possible keys for the afk check, then pick one at random?


I’ve gotten cucked by this multiple times. So annoying. It should really ignore held down keys or at least detect the voice chat key and wait before taking that as an input for the AFK timer.

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The system is server side, and the server has no information on what the client key binds are.