Make the Nightclub Billiards more unique

After playing the two tables, I think it’s really neat they have a classic pool table and a modern pool table. So I am thinking of having the two tables being more unique. The nightclub billiards could have red and yellow pool balls to match the whole “classic look” going on. But if you add more details, It could be more like an English pool table.

Arcade Pool Table - Solids and Stripes. Bigger Balls, Straight pockets. Angled cushion.

Nightclub Pool Table - Reds and Yellows. Smaller Balls. Curved pockets. Flat cushion.

If this happens, The two tables can offer completely unique experiences for players.

Reference to the differences between American Pool and English Pool.

Honestly, I think the look should be kept as is. For me, the big difference is that nightclub billiards pay Units, while arcade billiards pays Tickets. So, it just comes down to whether you wanna play for money or tickets and that’s where you go. I’ve heard of reds and yellows but don’t know how to play and wouldn’t wanna have to learn, just so I could play in the Nightclub. As an option, sure, but not as the only choice.


Reds and Yellows are the same as Stripes and Solids. Both are 8 ball games. If I were to make the suggestion more simple, just make the nightclub balls reds and yellows.

Ah, ok. Didn’t know that. That’s fine then.

Edit: oh, also, what do you mean by “straight pockets” and “curved pockets”

Edit 2: oh, wait, is it this?

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Edited my post to help with the differences between American Pool and English Pool.

Ah, yeah, ok, it’s just the shape of the pocket. Got it.

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I dunno about making them ‘unique’ but the club’s could look nicer. All the lighting and reflection effects on the tables themselves really pop in the arcade room, it’s actually quite pretty. In the club, everything is just flat.


So I wasn’t the only one that noticed the nightclub pool balls have no shadows and less detail on the balls and cue stick when I was playing. The lighting and reflections aren’t as good as the arcade billiards. I am glad you pointed that out.

This is a bug.


Thank you for confirming.

Yeah, nevermind. I take back what I said, after what that British dude said in that other thread. English pool sounds way harder than American pool and I have no interest in that. I’m absolutely fine with it being an option but it shouldn’t be the only version available in the Nightclub.

I think a visual change to Arcade Billiards could be to make the pool balls transparent in order to make them feel different in the Arcade. Also making the numbers glow there could be a neat addition.


I am aware it’s harder. I am always up for a challenge. Options are great.

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Ooh, yeah, give it a more futuristic look to match the Arcade aesthetics. I love it

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