Make the Midori music instrumental

I think Midori is one of the least popular maps due to the music having an annoying vocal singer. The song sounds great without it, and should give the map the attention it deserves.

The music isn’t really the problem. Midori is the only Very Hard map and a lot of people just don’t like that much of a challenge. I personally don’t play anything over Medium.


To add onto what Balian said, people are also looking to make money. It’s easier to get the bonuses and whatnot on easy courses as opposed to hard ones, and since there’s no system in place to reward playing the harder courses that just makes playing the easy ones more profitable.


Isn’t Prism also marked as Very hard?

That, plus the absence of leaderboards really gives no incentive to play harder maps. Once stats and achievements come out, I’m sure tons of people will be playing Midori in hopes of setting records or getting a new badge :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, forgot about prism

I like the music. Not that I ever play with the in-game music turned on, but I still find it enjoyable.

The vocal singer is OK, but multiple times and it can get annoying, but it has a good piece of music

I love the singer in midori

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