Make the Little Crusaders changes less drastic

With it feels like the knights are a little too slow, and the dragon air strafe speed is a little too high. On maps with open space like Amphitheatre and Throne Room the dragon is way too quick and the knights have almost no way to get away now. If the dragon is in a bad spot, it’s so fast now it can just shift into maximum overdrive and be on the other side of the map like in I don’t know if I want the knights buffed, the dragon nerfed, or both, but as it is right now, I’m straight up not having a good time.

I believe the dragon being able to move super sonic is a bug that is being addressed.

I second this, while i do agree that a bit more movement is good in some ways, the movement buffs allow the dragon to move at a speed where it’s impossible to get them, and if you do have the dragon trap the dragon can simply just fly out of the situation like a balloon. The dragons bite change is a bit to much in my opinion even in this short amount of time the change has been up the I’ve seen multiple people simply just jumping over the mouth of the dragon while it’s biting, and one time even jumping on the mouth of the dragon while biting and them not dying. The change i think is the most drastic effect though is the knights movement speed. The speed nerf on the knights absolutely crippled them to where it’s impossible to escape the dragon, and with all the buffs to the dragon got it makes it near impossible to take the dragon down unless the dragon player makes a mistake.


The dragon shouldn’t move insanely fast through the air forward, but sideways yes. There is an exploit of sorts that will give the dragon a bigger boost than it should be possible.

The dragon had terrible movement speed before and it was impossible for the dragon to fly and get out of tricky situations.

The game will continue to be tweaked.

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