Make the legacy donor basket usable again

Either by making it an unlimited drinkable or making it spawn smaller glasses filled with the wine


Will probably happen once we have drinkable beer or anything drinkable at all.
Unless we already have this and I had no idea this whole time.

Which we do.
Soda from the vending machine
Beer from the vegetable shop
Wine and margaritas from the volt nightclub

The gift basket will propably have unlimited beer again when they get around to making it so.

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Oh, so they’re already usable? Cool

I’m actually not sure I’d like the donor basket to be usable. Back in GMT, it was a reward for donating (something you could do at any given time). Now that you can’t donate anymore, you can’t get the donor basket. I think it would be unfair to those unable to get this if it were to suddenly have a very useful functionality.

The same can be said about the backer items. Legacy donors getting 1 usable item is hardly, unfair.

Unlimited screen blur is not a “very useful functionality” IMO


And if they add the ability to die from alcohol poisining (logically they will)
It will just be a double whammy of non useful feature.

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It’s not that there’s benefits to using it, it’s the fact that there is a convenience to getting this effect a normal user cannot get. To get this drunken effect, a normal user has to pay a (admittedly small) fee to get the items required. If they run out of those items, they then need to spend time to leave their condo, purchase more, return to their condo, and set down each individual item. I suppose it’s not so much that there’s an effect to the item so much as there isn’t a comparable alternative to “infinity” here. For the backer shoes, there’s planned items that deliver a similar speed effect. For the unit bills, there’s the confetti cannon and bubble gun items for particle spamming. For the VIP Basket, there’s single glasses of alcoholic beverages, but nothing with multiple uses. Should things like the beer barrel return, where you can easily load up on (seemingly) bottomless beer items, then I could see the VIP Basket functionality returning.

Sorry for the wall of text, this is just how I see it.

TL;DR SOLUTION to this problem.
Go to the casino, there are literally glasses of wine and margaritas there you can drink, im not joking, they respawn whenever a server reboots or crashes.
Well or you could just join a empty or almost empty server and drink the drinks in the casino there.

Edit: Besides you dont even need that much to get blurry vision, although you need alot more to maintain said blurry vision than what the casino provides.*

Another edit: sorry i forgot
“Should things like the beer barrel return, where you can easily load up on (seemingly) bottomless beer items,”
35, the limit was 35 per barrel, just saying…

You have a very good point, How is a wine basket any more unfair to other people who can’t get speed shoes, etc? I think it’s fine to make it usable

35? Huh, I thought it was 25. In any case, buying only 5 beer kegs provides 175 drinks for your condo, which is probably more than you can go through alone (though a party is something else entirely). Loading up on this is an easy way to get a seemingly endless amount of beer (provided you have the cash, I forget how much a beer keg cost).

Relying on this seems more like a workaround than a solution. It’s nice for trying out the effect, but you can’t trust that it will always be available. Besides, it’s not something you can do in your condo.

In any case, I believe I’ve said all I need to. Maybe it would be fine. I’m just one voice after all.

I still remember the keg price, ok well almost, it was around 450 GMC.

Trust me almost no one seem to know about it, or care to use them because they could be spending the time making money instead.
Although im pretty sure that now that i have posted this bit of info the amount of alcohol that will be available in the casino will quickly jump to 0.
So its a “workaround” soon to go extinct.