Make the Default Condo + Dock a separate upgraded version

This suggestion mainly stems from a discussion on the discord server about the impacts that the new Dock area for the default Condo may have on existing saves.

The addition of the Dock will likely break most builds that currently utilize that space. In some cases it may just require shuffling around items to fix it, but there will be many cases where the build may need to be relocated entirely, and cases where the Dock renders some builds impossible to restore (builds that are directly connected to the rest of the condo, for example).

This could especially be an issue for any existing Workshop condos that use this space. In many cases workshop submissions aren’t often updated, either because the uploader doesn’t intend to work on that submission any longer, or because they aren’t actively playing the game anymore. When the Dock is released it could indefinitely break a lot of these condos.

So, I propose that the default Condo’s room layout stays as it is. The Condo + the Dock could instead be an upgraded/deluxe version unlocked at Horizon Condos that’d functionally be a different condo, but could import snapshots from the non-upgraded version.

This would avoid any complications with builds made prior to the Dock’s inclusion, while still letting the Dock exist and be easily usable for anyone who wants it.

ok so it has been explained that an upgrade would not be technically feasible unfortunately

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