Make the Bottom Button the Respawn Button

Whenever I die in ZM, I always press X (the bottom button on the Playstation controller) to respawn, but I have to press R1 to respawn instead which is a bit confusing.

Didn’t realise the new update added controller support for ZM and Minigolf as I was just excited for the map. I had to get my ds4 controller after reading this. I’m very glad they’re making TU playable with a controller.


There’s gonna be rolling updates to the controller support.

Next update there’s sensitivity settings, rumble, and invert setting. I’ll also be slowly working in button prompts (instead of key prompts) and hiding the mouse elegantly.

ZM fixes for controllers need:

  • Force feedback
  • Pressing A to respawn (and probably improving some other inputs like a shortcut for the combo power)
  • Aiming indicator
  • Showing combo next to player (like the cursor does, but for controller)
  • Upgrades menu support
  • Melee should auto fire when the trigger is down

For now, the respawn button is the right trigger. I’ll add bottom face button support as well.