Make the boardwalk a bit brighter

What I mean by the title is: there’s a very stark contrast between the side of the boardwalk with shops and the side that brings you to the beach.

I took this at night as it shows the difference a lot better. I think there should be little windows into the water on the left side of the boardwalk too, similar to the right, with benches and lights to brighten it up a bit. I also think there should be something in that center circle under the monorail supports, but I’m not really sure what - any ideas?
It’d be nice to see the boardwalk a bit brighter at night since there’s just a reeeally noticeable difference between the two sides.

I feel like a lot of the night lighting in general could use some upgrades. Like lots more colour and the like. Despite many of the neon signage being colourful, the light they emit doesn’t seem like its more than just the same white. But yes, more lights on the other side of the boardwalk.

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I think it’d be cool to have a food stand like in carnivals at the left side of the boardwalk or the monorail circle that could sell stuff like deep fried food or cotton candy.

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*make everywhere a bit brighter.