Make Survivor Weapons More Random (also some weapon suggestions)

Something I don’t like about Virus is that there’s only a few weapons to use, so each round feels a bit boring after a while.

I think it would be nice if there was some more randomness to what weapons you get (and not everyone gets the same weapons every round), and some more weapons too.

Anyway here’s some weapons I think would be cool:

  • Flamethrower: Short-ish range and does minor burning damage to Infected when you hit them.
  • Long Sword: Long range melee weapon, could 1-hit kill an Infected if you hit them since there’s a risk of you getting infected.
  • Egon Cannon: Like the one in ZM but it doesn’t have a lot of ammo.
  • Sniper Rifle: It has scope,
  • Grenade: Could show up instead of TNT, would explode a few seconds after you throw it like real grenades do.
  • Knockback Grenade: Also a replacement of TNT, would knock back any Infected near where you throw it. (also prevents infected that were hit from infecting for a few seconds)
  • Strength Boost: Would sometimes show up instead of adrenaline, doubles damage dealt to infected and shows arrows where infected are for however long adrenaline lasts.
  • Hunting Rifle: Would have good damage (~40 per shot), but takes a couple seconds between shots.

(also please increase sonic shotgun’s right click range and make the futuristic handgun ricochet on walls again)

i like the idea having more random weapons, tho having a sniper rifle (or any sharpshooter weapons) is something im not fond of.

since it pretty much promotes camping and just impossible to infect them if they kept scoping in and instandtly kill you with a headshot (unless theres no headshot damage or the damage in general is minimal.)


I’d say the sniper is a no no for me because reducing camping and long range is hard enough as it is atm, but I would love the Egon Cannon as a rare, high damage low ammo drop. Also, buff the 9MM and laser gun. Nobody uses them because they’re terrible, but they’ve got lots of potential. Completely remove the silencer or replace the 9MM with it (but still buff). Strength boost would be nice.


Rare weapons would be cool too.