Make Polygon buddy into a small easter egg

Polygon buddy (the weird tooth-shaped monorail connector floating in the plaza) is getting removed soon. I suggest we honor this legendary “game character” by merely hiding it somewhere in the plaza instead, for all players to find and ask about in chat.

With the absence of Dopefish, I approve of this as a compromise.

Maybe it could be one of the framed artwork in the Art Exhibit, provided there’s room for it. While the Flower Hat also came about from the community’s support in a similar manner, the problem is that the Flower Hat is an aesthetically pleasing feature, whereas a detached segment of the monorail that wasn’t designed to be seen detached is not. Just seeing a piece of geometry set aside somewhere with no reason isn’t as useful as getting an equipable hat or playermodel.

I’m all for referencing and remembering Tower Unite and all its gags as it continues through development, but the references shouldn’t get excessive in magnitude.

Dopefish wasn’t “aesthetically pleasing” either, and yet it’s a fondly remembered easter egg. I don’t think references need to be that, either, and I don’t find a piece of a monorail hidden deep in the lobby “excessive in magnitude”.

Dopefish is a poor example, as not only was it intentional to see, it’s also a gag between multiple different games by multiple different developers. Dopefish is far more known and polished of an easter egg than some monorail piece that teleported to the world’s origin in a single game, a bug.

By excessive in magnitude, I mean this: A bug doesn’t need to be idolised somewhere in the Lobby for those who happen to find it humourous at the time. Not every bug or removed feature needs to be preserved in this game- that’s being excessive.

Not every bug has been preserved, though. Just the flower hat has because it was funny. This would only be a second, humorous bug preserved. So, by your own definition, it’s not excessive.