Make Plaza Event Minigames More Noticable

I see a lot of people asking where minigames like chainsaw battles are and people asking where event minigames show up so I thought of a few ways people could know what minigames are from events and when/where to find them (“minigame area” just means the gold circle minigames happen at).

  1. Show “Minigame Starts in 30 Seconds” Messages Like Plaza Game Notifications

This would just show the minigame chat messages on the bottom right of the screen and have it display something like “X Starts Behind the Tower in 30 Seconds” to make it more obvious when/where minigames happen.

  1. Add a List of Minigames at the Minigame Area

A board would be next to the minigame area that has a list of every minigame that can happen and some info about each of them.

  1. Add a Countdown for the Next Minigame

This would just have a timer in the tab menu and/or the minigame area that counts down to when the next minigame happens.

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doesn’t suggestion 1 already happen in the chat?

Yes, my suggestion was to make it also happen on the bottom right like announcements for stuff like bowling or laser tag do.

Those pop ups also happen for minigames when they start. They teleport you to the minigame pad

They are pretty noticable. Doesn’t your game freeze for one minute whenever one starts?


yeah it lags every time a plaza minigame starts

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