Make Knights Fall Off Dragon When it Flies

Right now the dragon can’t jump if a knight is standing on it (which I think is a bug?). This makes it really easy to press the button since the dragon can’t get knights off without more getting on/getting the button pressed, and I wanted to make this suggestion: If a knight is on the dragon and the dragon jumps/flies, the knight should fall off the dragon’s back. Bad illustration to show an example:

tail swipe while mid-bite or when flying would be a good counter

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Still would be nice to be able to jump when a knight’s on you though.

But what if the dragon wanted to give a ride to the knightsexplorer_2019-01-25_08-22-31


Honestly, it feels like a bug right now that you can’t fly with people on your back, as that was the old way to counter a knight jumping your tail whip, now all a knight has to do is jump when you tail whip and it’s basically game over

if the dragon can knock off the knights this basically completely removes being able to jump over the dragon and pressing the button unless they’re completely stationary or walking forward which is extremely unlikely ever.

sounds like tail swipes upward range needs to be buffed to fix this issue