Make Journalist Camera Flash vaporize zombies

When using the Journalist, I sometimes camera flash and then immediately run into a crowd of zombies that I thought got hit by the flash, because after the flash goes off, zombies that don’t communicate well to the player that they’re dead just kind of fall over and for a split second I can’t tell if it’s dead or not.

Granted, I am stupid, but I think it would help if the camera flash got rid of zombie corpses. This would make reading the horde an easier task and would also gain funny points because the zombies would just disintegrate HL2 pulse rifle style.

tldr: zombie corpses should go away when i flash them, mac pls fix

Truth be told that’d be fucking hilarious. All zombies getting vaporized by the camera flash then raises lore questions as to how the Journalist has a camera flash akin to a nuke, and also wether or not they accidentally vaporized a pop star with it.

I mean, if you wanna get that technical with things then how does a light even murder zombies in the first place. lol. One of those things thats just best not to think about.

They follow vampire rules.