Make it possible to replace default condo lights and doors


There are many different lights and doors in the game’s stores, but as far as I can tell no way of removing the default lights in the basic condo (not sure about others).

You can edit walls, floors etc and add new lights and doors but you are stuck with the lights and doors that come with the condo.

Please can we have a way of removing, the default lights in a condo so you can add whatever ones you want.



Been thinking about this, it would also be nice to be able to pair lights, doors etc with a control item, say a switch. You could do this in the same way as the copycat works, right click on the switch, left click on what it controls.

To save on the mess that could happen if someone tries to have multiple switches controlling something you could restrict the number of controls an item has to say 1 or 2.

This way we could set up the lighting in our condos just the way we want. Hey it may even be possible to add dimmer switches or combination locks for doors etc. Then again maybe not?

Good news! The I/O system is already planned.