Make it Easier to Click "Join Game" Notifications

Currently, when a game of Minigolf or Typing Derby is about to start, a notification appears at the bottom right of the screen. New and Old players alike start to spam a different number of combinations to attempt to join the game. Whether it be pressing tab, holding Q, or opening a chat box, there seems to be no efficient or straight forward way to join games. Even when you do click on the notification with your mouse, it doesn’t always register or allow you to join the game.

I feel like it should be made easier or simplier.

I dont have a problem holding q and clicking on it. My only complaint is you cannot do so while on a Casino slot machine. I understand being prohibited from it during games like Trivia and Typing Derby as those are multiplayer games and it would be annoying to the other players to just up and leave mid game, but a slot machine is a solo experience and its simply your loss for leaving.


i definitely get this problem all the time. ugh.