Make "Inventory" icon in main menu way more visible

In 5 seconds, try to find the inventory menu button in the main menu:

Click for the answer:

You’d think the button to view your inventory would be located next to the “Appearance” or “Collection Book” buttons, as they both have to do with your in-game items.

However, the Inventory button is actually located all the way on the other side of the screen, tucked in a tiny box under your player’s unit/ticket count, in thin type text, smaller than “EARLY ACCESS” banner located in the upper left. Furthermore, although the icon does have a darker background to help distinguish it from the friends menu, the contrast simply isn’t enough, this small amount of contrast is completely negated once a dark object appears in the background.

Just move it to the left side under the “Collection Book” button, please.

The reason the inventory is not on the left with every other option is that it’s not entirely all that important to find. It’s next to where your Units progress is, so it’s always tied with your profile.