Make Helicopter/Boat Driveable in Plaza

It feels a bit unfair to have such a large grind for an item you can only use in your condo, 900k for boat and 1mil for helicopter! Obviously changes could be made to the items themselves, like making the helicopter a bit smaller or having it lift off from a helipad on another island, I’d just like to have passengers in them. For someone like me who barely uses their condo, the grind felt a bit pointless cause I’d rather show off in the plaza rather than in my own home/condo. Please if you can change the items to fit within the plaza, that would make my existence. :slight_smile: Love the game!

These vehicles should be migrated to the current Vehicle system (Moped, Pogo, Minecart, etc) and be equipable from the Hotbar.

These two items are practically worthless in that they’re broken beyond real use and extremely hard to use in a Condo. Making them Hotbar Vehicles would make them more worthwhile and usable (especially since the Vehicle system already exists and can support multiple seats). It’s not impossible for them to migrate an item from Condo to Equipable, they’ve done it before with the RC items.