Make global chat displaying local messages turned off by default

Global chat is going to be moderated, local isn’t. Enabling unmoderated messages in an otherwise moderated space doesn’t sound like a good idea. Also, turning it off would help with global chat being overwhelmed with messages and generally be less confusing for new players.

I disagree.

As it stands, we currently already mix local chat and P2P chat in the current game in one chat box.

New players wouldn’t know local chat messages are showing up if they are in Global Chat if this was disabled by default.


I think for simplicity’s sake, having everything pop in one chat is easiest, and as such it should be the default.

Also sorry to go on an unrelated note, but I feel like you’re suggesting a lot of changes to upcoming 0.6 content without getting the chance to try it out yet. The most recent stream showed very little of some WIP features so I think it’d be best to wait and see how it plays out before automatically asking to change it.


Thanks for responding.

Okay, I’ve probably misunderstood how it’s going to work. I thought that local messages from every server would be added to the global channel. If that’s not going to be the case, my arguments make less sense.

I still think having the setting turned off by default would be a good idea, though. There are many possible ways of notifying players of new unread messages, such as small numbered icons or effects on the chat tabs themselves.
It’s just that if I were a new player, having messages from one tab show up in a different one would, based on previous experience with various chat systems, confuse me and possibly make me respond into the wrong channel as well. Especially since the channel’s names sound so self-explaining.

Well… yes, I am. However, I’m not sure if it was just “very little of some WIP features”, as, according to the Trello, global chat is completely finished. And it seemed, at least least to me, that the devs were presenting it as such on the stream.
Also, while I could certainly wait and post my suggestions after the update launches for the added weight they would have, I don’t think my opinions would be any different. On the contrary, I think it’s maybe better to post these suggestions early, as they could help (and this is rather subjective) improve the chat system before it’s subjected to a huge wave of messages and leaves a lot of first impressions on people.

That’s the thing, though, you can’t see the chat tabs when the chat box is not in use mode. It hides away and we don’t want chat tabs always being visible.

Yes, this is important. We’re still working on the feature, it’s ready for release, but it’s still in Early Access. We’ll continue to improve upon it in future updates, as we have always had for our many features in our game.

one issue new players would get would be, if they are in the lobby on global chat and another player in local is trying to speak to them but they can’t see it since they have local turned off in global, they can’t see if people in the server with them are trying to speak to them or ask them a question.

Oh, yeah. I kinda forgot about that.
Maybe I’m underestimating people when I’m guessing they won’t understand the difference betweet local and global (and to which to respond when) quickly and naturally, but it just seems weird to me. I still think a “normal” chat with completely separate tabs (and potentially the option to forward messages from one to the other that the player would have to consciously and knowingly find and activate) and some subtle effects to alert you of unread messages from other tabs would work better, but that’s pretty subjective and would require… well, somehow incorporating the “subtle effects” into the current chat UI and also making them visible enough for the players to notice them at the same time.