Make GAMEport's game host the first person to interact with it

I have a group meeting to play TU every Sunday.
Then I use the game port to go to the game.
In the current random host selection system, a person from a distant country who is not a member of a group may become a host.
This is stress.

What about hosting the first person to interact with the panel?
It’s easier to understand who is going to be a host than random.

or you make a private friends only game?

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Right now, it’s public from the main menu.
The problem is not that someone other than friend comes, but that someone don’t know becomes host.

Just host your own public game then?
Then you know who becomes the host?

Yes, I want to host a game from the game port.

I don’t know.

But why?
If you want to play with friends you want you or one of your friends to be the host, one of you should make the game through the main menu and the rest of you join it.

GAMEport can pick a map at random.
This function is very convenient.

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Hm that’s a fair reason.
If anything your suggestion should be to allow map voting and map randomizing on private games :^)
A temporary solution is for all of you to write your favourite map down in a list and then put them through a randomizer site.

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play this way for a while.

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