Make each notifications a Different dotted color in the Forums

Hey I have been in this server Forums for a very long time now and I’ve been clicking to see a lot of notifications from the Admins or Devs that I have been keeping track of And it would excite me for the upcoming stuffs. So I keep track see anything new daily on the notification either on the topics or on used topic that I’ve watched from the latest topics or on my profile picture pop-up to see what the developers are up to. I would think its either from Caboose or Zak saying something very important of showcase or an announcement, “Nope” its just another user responding or commenting to the main topic instead of an admin. Its disappointing because I see the dotted in blue saying new or my user profile on the top right displaying a notification and its hard and confuses for me to tell either if its the devs or its just another user saying something random. And it frustrating or annoys me very much to see it every time daily or every minute with the same notification on my user icon on the top right again, not being labeled differently on the Tower Unite Forums.

So I might have an idea for everyone to avoid back and fourth seeing notifications if the blue dot is the admin or another user.
one of the label the dots or tags with a different color.
1.the dot or tag that is blue can still be the users.:blue_heart:
2.there should be a new dotted colored orange which would be labeled for the developers.:yellow_heart:
3.another colored dot should be tagged green for modders or showcaser that create stuff.:green_heart:
4. Have a pop-up of the circle on your profile that you click on featuring different colors from a type or role of the user.

What would think Devs? needs improvments?

Moved to Meta, since this is about the forums and not TU.