Make chessboard finally playable as Arcade prize store game item

Title says it all. Make chessboard functional as an Arcade prize store item in games items category. Leave decorational item version in toy store. You are adding playable game items to prize store so why not? I don’t know if there was similar / same topic before somewhere. If there was sorry. Also sorry if thread in wrong category didn’t knew if to add it to items suggestions or here. Vote the topic if you want!

It’s already planned for a future arcade phase along with line up 4 (connect 4), darts and something else I think.

It just didn’t make it for phase 1.


Oh? Nice! I didn’t know…

but is it chess in particular? or tic-tac-toe? I am sorry, I forgot to ask, even though it was 2 years now…

Chess, Checkers, Connect-Four, Simon, and I think one more thing are planned. Phase 3 is supposed to have these items iirc; Phase 2 didn’t have any additional prizes.

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tic-tac-toe or battleship could be fun!