Make Booze Bash an Anniversary Event exclusive minigame

Basically what it says in the title. I know that Booze Bash has been removed due to being too similar to Fruit Frenzy so it could just replace it during the Anniversary Event (just like Pumpkin Smash replaces Target Practice during Halloween).

I didn’t notice anyone really suggesting it and I think that might be a better idea rather just completely canning it but I assume the devs might have some other plans for it since the achievement for it is still active in the game.

I feel it’s a bit wrong and unfair to completely kill off/can Booze Bash completely considering there’s an achievement tied to it (Heavy Drinker: Down 100 drinks) and in doing so would make that achievement unattainable and therefore by extension making 100%'ing the game’s achievements technically impossible – along with some other achievements (eg. Boo!: Open a Halloween Catsack, Billiards achievements etc.) but these are deserving of their own topic even though I feel like this is partly intentional as it can be used as a method in catching out cheaters – especially those who go out of their way to somehow unlock said achievements that are technically impossible to unlock.

There is talk of Booze Bash making a comeback once some tweaks have been made eg. making the bottles larger/easier to collect I understand is one of them. They did tone down the drunkness effects and I’m not gonna lie I low key miss playing Booze Bash, considering it has been out of rotation for over a year.

As for all the other achievements, they’re marked as Coming Soon as they’re not properly implemented into the game yet and it is literally impossible to unlock them just on steam as they have to be unlocked through backend first. The Heavy Drinker is the only case of an active achievement that is currently unobtainable, and the only unobtainable achievement that was unlocked by 2.3% of players in the past.

My 42/100 be damned…

I don’t think you’re giving hackers and cheaters enough credit, you’d be suprised the lengths some of them will go to get what they want, it’s like how you absolutely can not prevent the most determined thief from stealing something

Also, I’m tired of Snowball Battle, it’s so out of season considering it’s almost summer in the northern hemisphere right now

Yeah, one of the big things that should be worked out is the minigame rotation, as in there needs to be many more.