Make basic building materials free!

This game isn’t advertised or marketed as a “building game” but why not!?

It is such a JOY to build in Tower Unite!

If I never grinded on WoM (while being harassed the entire time) for months I would have never been able to create all the cool stuff that I have made so far. Most people don’t have the patience, that’s a fact. You know, some of us have a 9-5’s that limits our ability to sit here 24/7 to make units. So with that said, what are we potentially missing out with new players and the potential creativity they bring to this ecosystem?

What I propose is:

  1. Free canvas materials to build to the limits of your creativity.
  2. People that a have purchased canvas materials in the past may sell them back (at full retail price) on Tower Express.
  3. All items in regards to decoration should still be priced accordingly.

I’ve heard feedback from people at work that are pretty turned off at the fact you have to sit for hours on end to be able to get the basics to create stuff. You can’t buy creativity or talent with units, so giving the basic building materials to build can only help our game.

Let me know that you think!

Maybe an Achievement for spending 1,000,000 units in canvas items could give you a canvas generator or something like that but free from the start doesn’t make sense imo.

It’d be quicker to grind bowling or zombie massacre on compound, just sayin

So don’t gamble for money?

that out the way, I don’t think these should be free.
It’s not a building game, if people want to build they should do so, and honestly it’s not hard to make money. Plus it’s a pain (on the devs end) to convert the prices of every canvas item to make them free (as in, it’s a pain to refund every user and make the item free.)

I just don’t think it’s necessary.

I do however have a different idea of giving users starter packs such as various furniture items (that are incredibly cheap anyway so why not make them free?) alongside maybe 10 cubes? 5 canvases, 2 canvas walls, and some other shapes possibly as well.

It gives the users the chance to use and mess with the items, and if they really want to build more they can play the games.

Plus with achievements and other stuff coming out there will finally be a goal to a game other than completing whatever building you’re trying to make.


I agree with the starter packs.
Hoping the achievements will make it easier for new players to get units.

In your condo this is TOTALLY a building game, which is why you earn units.

I provide ideas to increase the player base, which is essential to the longevity of all of this for us. Having been part of developing many games since the 90’s hopefully my input is valued.

why are you using gambling as your reliable source for money?

Not anymore. Was at the beginning though, which worked out well in the whole scheme of things.

you’re complaining about a lack of funds because you gambled for months, when playing 20-30 minutes of ZM can net you more than 2 hours of gambling.

i have no difficulties affording things, and i don’t even grind

Believe me, I have no issues with funds. Suggestions are based to increasing player base.

I have a large and constantly expanding build, but even I gotta disagree with this.
It’d remove a lot of the feel for progression in my own build if I just had everything handed to me on a silver plate to do as I want.
Yes a big part of TU is building in your condo, but as the game develops there is an always expanding way to get units. This is also not forgetting the plaza discount events that would occur, which would be incredibly beneficial for players whom frequently shop at Rob’s Imports for canvas items.

Giving a player everything at once is a good way to get them bored as faster than letting them make their own goals. Besides and as broken of a record it is to say it; the game is early-access with next-to-none advertising done for it, there is a reason why the playerbase is small.


just 1 game of either virus, ball race, zombie massacre, minigolf, etc. is way more than enough to get “the basics”

you’re asking the devs to essentially remove half of the condos purpose, which is to gradually build up. furniture is dirt cheap so having building materials be free would remove any sense of accomplishment of gradually building up your condo

How much you recon this build cost?

Hell I’ll just keep my opinions to myself.

just because new players can’t immediately build a city out of canvases doesn’t mean that it’s too expensive

you’d be removing substance from half of the game

also r00d


Starter packs would be neat, GMT started you off with a few basic pieces of furniture that you could sell or use. If every player started with something like a bed, a bookshelf, maybe a TV and some canvases that would be sick.

Making things free on the other hand isn’t really something I can see happening, as time goes on we’re going to have more and more ways of getting units, (Fishing, Achievements and milestones) which means that unit gain will be easier, but as it stands right now I don’t think anything should be free except maybe like, trash.


I like the fact that building materials cost money just because it kinda gives me something to spend units on as I play. For me it’s kinda like an end goal to build something huge out of canvases and structures, so it wouldn’t feel as rewarding if they were free.


As others have said a Starter Pack would be preferable.

Building materials are obviously very popular purchases, if you give them away for free you’re taking away another incentive to play Gameworlds or do activities in The Plaza which in the long run is just unhealthy for the social aspect of the game.