Make Arcade Music Affected by “Plaza Music” Volume Setting

currently all of the arcade’s music is tied in with the “effects volume” setting but i really wish it was affected by the plaza music/music setting . almost all of the sound effects are tied into the effects volume setting, being able to turn down the arcade’s attract music specifically is impossible without practically muting your game

the arcade is a very noisy place , being able to turn down the arcade’s music for things like listening to your own music as you grind for tickets, paying attention to certain games (especially for stack em’ since you rely so heavily on audio cues), or just not wanting to have a sensory overload from the audio would be a majorly appreciated change

I’d prefer a separate “arcade volume” slider, i like the plaza music and i wouldnt wanna turn it down just so the arcade doesnt hurt my ears as much


oh yeah i’d definitely much prefer that


M’yeah, I could see this being a nice change for a lot of people.

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