Make an option to split the Tower Glove back into separate tools

Building is so much faster when being able to press set numbers to access each tool and I find it a lot harder to have to click through the different tools at the bottom right

If it’s only because of the keyboard shortcut aspect, I am sure we can introduce keyboard shortcuts within the Tower Glove itself.


Currently you can press C to open the window and then use numbers to select from there without using the mouse, but it’s still like- one or two extra input to open/close it.


Yeah this is especially annoying to get used to cause my C is set to T, thank you for this info tho, I’ll set it to a side mouse button for now then.

It seems like side mouse buttons don’t work for what you bind them to when you have control of the mouse (like looking at the scoreboard or using the glove) so I can’t use the glove the way @Melonplex described with my side mouse button.

Yeah, the extra C input to close the menu after selecting the tool is a bit of a pain, tbh. Maybe if you’re holding down C and your last action was selecting a condo tool with the numbers, letting go of C would auto-close the menu? That way, pressing C + # would act as a hotkey to switch tools without keeping the menu open, but actually editing the tool settings or pressing C and # independently would keep the old behavior.