Make a paradox

Create a paradox, dont use corny ones like divided by zero, needs to be original,

For example : (ill add later)

This sentence is false.

The above sentence is true.

I’m a compulsive liar.

Does a set of all sets contain itself?

Not too original but ok, also i got a paradox aswell,

So first you want to post the most disgusting image of a wendy’s burger you can find and then post it to twitter and make gordon ramsay rate it, obviosly he would reply with a savage comment but then wendy’s will reply with a savage comment, the question is who will land the most savage reply?

Ok since no reply ill add another one i guess
The reverse machine paradox :
Imagine a machine that makes everything the opposite of it, light becomes dark, left becomes right and liquid becomes solid, now since the machine turns anything to the opposite then the machine it self becomes the opposite itself, a machine that turns things back to normal, since the normal state of the machine is the machine that turns things into their opposite then it will cycle over and over again, so basically its a perpetual paradox machine

New mission refuse this mission

an ambulance carrying a man hits another man, the ambulance can’t pick him up so he calls ambulance 2, that ambulance picks him up but in the process hits another man which again cannot be picked (because both have a carrying capacity of 1 not including the driver and medic) so another ambulance (3) picks him up again but again hits another man, this cycle continues forever

Code makes text, and that text makes Code, in that case, who began it all?

There is no such thing as impossiblity, if thats the case then it isn’t impossible for an impossiblity to happen

if a = b then b = c and a cannot = c

That’s not a paradox, that’s just not true.

the cake is a lie, yet you find the cake in portal.

Again, not a paradox. The first part of that sentence is just a lie.

fuck i must be fantastic at parties.

trust me trust no one

This is not a game about making paradoxes