Make a map editor/model editor for players to share into minigames and more

Hi. Im new at tower unite and i know how much Gmod Tower is soo popular! Soo i suggest for developpers to add a map editor and model editor for minigames and more.

That can let’s orthers players to play with custom maps and gameplay on workshop series.

How does you think?

Community Condos feature, which will allow multiple players to edit one condo, will be the starting point for adding a map editor for game world’s.

So it’s definitely a feature we are wanting to get done soon!


Oh cool. This can may apply to minigames like virus maps and more?
Soo many players have creativity in thier hands from taking ideas maps into Minigames instead.
basicaly workshop stuff then
there is going to be stuff that you will like then

Yeah i seem the trello. Idk whats contents will be published inside…